THREE is an entrepreneurial platform designed to take you from your dream of being a business owner to a successful entrepreneur. THREE is a business-in-a-box. You get all the tools and support you need to own and build your own thriving business! Finally be your own boss, work for yourself, when you want, where you want and on your own terms!

When you join THREE, you become part of a successful and supportive community. You have immediate access to a user-friendly app, your own personal marketing website, a back office to track and run your business, marketing materials and content, training materials, and much, much more.

You don’t have to come with experience…in fact, you don’t have to come with anything but enthusiasm and a willingness to succeed. All you have to do is follow the tried and true methods laid out for you by THREE’s experienced leaders, and use the tools they give you as your roadmap. The potential is limitless!

Enroll As A Brand Ambassador

How It Works

If you're ready to change your life and build the business of your dreams, enroll as a Brand Ambassador. This will give you up to 8 ways to earn! The fee to enroll is $30. You must also purchase the Starter Pack of your choice to get started (examples below).

THREE Starter Packs

As you're enrolling make sure you enroll in Smart Ship as well. Smart Ship is a monthly subscription to your favorite products, and will help you to remain active as a Brand Ambassador. The minimum order requirement is 60 CV (for example, a pack of Éternel or a pack of Purifí and Revíve or other qualifying combination). This will ensure that you will never miss a commission, keep accumulating points, and keep the products you enjoy arriving on a regular schedule.

Smart Ship Prices

Lastly, you get to name your new business website and don't forget to submit!

Yay, you're done and ready for business!

There’s no risk to taking this chance on yourself! There's a 30-day money back guarantee on your product purchase. If you feel like this opportunity is not for you or if you happen to not love the products, you can simply return them.

If you're thinking of saying no, ask yourself, “If you double your efforts at what you’re currently doing, or even 10x those efforts, will it get you to where you want to go?”


The choice is yours. 

Lynde Turner THREE Testimonial

"When I first got introduced to this industry, I was looking for more time with my family but we didn’t have the income to change that. This industry set my family free, it allowed me to say yes to things I never thought possible. We’ve gotten a life of freedom that I’ve never envisioned. THREE can give you that option, it did for me."

- Lynde T.

Dennis Chow THREE Testimonial

"This company is just amazing! I said to myself, this time I’m not going to miss my chance. I’m jumping all in and I’m going to learn and follow from the leaders. I can see that this company will grow very, very fast. Don’t miss your chance, it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity."

- Dennis C.

Sharon Howard THREE Testimonial

"My whole family uses the products. Overall our health is great and our sleep is great. I started to share the products that we love with our friends and family. You share with somebody and before you know it, you have an international business."

- Sharon H.

Compensation Plan

THREE offers one of the most generous compensation plans in the industry. There are up to 8 ways to earn as a Brand Ambassador!

1. RETAIL COMMISSIONS (paid daily)

Brand Ambassadors in North America (United States and Canada), Australia, New Zealand, Japan and Philippines receive a 25% commission on product purchases from their website. For example, when someone goes to your website and purchases a product, you receive a 25% commission of the purchase price.


Brand Ambassadors receive a 30% commission on Preferred Customer purchases from their website. For example, when someone goes to your website, enrolls as a Preferred Customer and purchases a product, you receive a 30% commission of the purchase price.


Brand Ambassadors receive a bonus on the first order of newly enrolled Brand Ambassadors. For example, when someone goes to your website, enrolls as a Brand Ambassador and purchases a Starter Pack, you receive a bonus depending on the Pack purchased. You receive a $25 bonus for the Intro Pack, a $100 bonus for the Premium Pack, a $245 bonus for the Business Builder Pack and a $350 bonus for the Founder Pack.

4. TEAM COMMISSIONS (paid weekly)

Earn commissions from your team's business volume with the potential to earn up to $27,000 in weekly income.


Earn weekly bonuses based on your top-performing team member's business volume. The better your team members do, the better you do!

6. GLOBAL LEADERSHIP BONUS POOL (3% of global business volume, paid weekly)

Earn additional weekly bonuses when qualified, based on the overall performance of the company.

7. FOUNDER'S POOL* (2% of global business volume, paid weekly)

If you enroll as a Brand Ambassador and purchase a Founder Pack, you will be part of a Founder's Pool where an additional 2% of company sales will be shared among qualifying Founders. *For a limited time and quantity only.


Earn reward certificates, tokens and cash bonuses as you grow your team and advance in the ranks within THREE. The rewards range from $100 for your first rank advancement all the way up to a one-time payment of $250,000 for the elite few who reach THREE’s top ranking status.